A new version of ESHYFT is here

When our team initially set out to create an easy way to connect nurses with facilities, we had no idea that we’d see such uptake and growth. Three years ago, we only had a handful of nurses on our platform in a single state. Today, ESHYFT has a community of thousands of nurses that are picking up shifts in 14 states.

We’re so happy to know that we play a small part in helping the most vulnerable people in our society get the care they need. The last 2 years have been especially difficult for the healthcare industry and we want to say thank you to all the staff – nurses and facilities alike – who work tirelessly to provide care. 

Our team has been busy working on a new and improved ESHYFT that we hope you’ll love. 

What’s new for nurses?

For nurses, we have rebuilt our mobile app to be quicker, easier to use and more efficient. It will work better with the growing volume of users and data we have. In addition, we have a new map view of facilities, an hourly rate filter, and a referral process within the app.

Download the new ESHYFT app for nurses:

What’s new for facility managers?

Both the mobile app and the web version has an updated design, along with the much-requested multiple facility access. If you manage multiple facilities, it’ll be quick and easy to move between facilities on the new ESHYFT.

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What will change?

Because we are moving to a new system, we will not be able to take all the existing data with us. This means your timecards will not be available in the new version of ESHYFT. 

If you’re a nurse, you’ll be able to see your past payroll information in the Fingercheck app.

If you’re a facility manager, you’ll be able to see old timecards in the old version of ESHYFT, which will be accessible for 3 months after the launch of the new version. All in progress timecards will be carried over to the new version.  

Shifts and chats will be moved to the new version of ESHYFT. 

Do I need to do anything?

No, you do not. You’ll need to update your application as usual when there is a new release. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@eshyft.com

Need help staffing your facility?

We have thousands of CNAs, LPNs, and RNs ready to fill your shifts! See how ESHYFT can help you today.
With ESHYFT you get:

Access to thousands of vetted W-2 nursing professionals.

A technology built by nursing home administrators.

Complete transparency and control of your costs.

24/7 support & a dedicated success manager.