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Hiring is expensive and takes a lot of time, it costs over $4000 and takes an average of 42 days to hire someone. We have thousands of qualified staff ready to pick up shifts at your facility.

Instant access — Post shifts to our community today

Control — Choose what you pay per shift

Review — Approve applicants + timecards

Compliant — All our staff our vetted + licensed

Interactive — Chat with our nurses any time

Available on the go — Our mobile app lets you stay connected

24/7 support — We’re here for you around the clock

How it works

Post shifts
Post shifts when and where you need, at the rate you want
Our vetted nurses & aides apply
Review all applicants to your shifts, confirm who you want
Approve timecards
Approve or reject submitted timecards

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“I’ve been with ESHYFT since May 2020, and I must say it has been an excellent experience!”
– Adi
“I love that I can track everything in the App.”
– Rash
“Onboarding was super simple and was able to pick up shifts immediately!”
– Addi Ehrhart