Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Nurses

We’re so happy to hear you’re interested in joining ESHYFT! Please first apply to work with ESHYFT at Once your application is complete and you have been approved, you will receive a username and password, which you can use to log in to the app and apply to shifts.

All our CNAs, LPNs, and RNs are ESHYFT employees. When you apply to work at ESHYFT, you are applying to become an employee of ESHYFT. Once you complete the initial application process, then you can pick up the CNA, LPN, and RN shifts on our app in seconds.

You can pick up shifts for which you have the appropriate license, for example, if you have a CNA certification then you can pick up CNA shifts in the relevant geographical area associated with your license. If you have more than one type of license or can practice in more than one state, contact us at and we’ll make sure you can pick up relevant shifts.

  1. Open your ESHYFT app a few minutes before your scheduled shift start time. You should notice a banner across the top of your screen (you must be logged in to see this), which will allow you to clock in.

  2. Once you clock in, you will see a timer showing how much time you have worked in your existing shift. The timer will run in the background of your device until you clock out, no need to keep your phone or app open.

You will get paid on a weekly basis by the method you selected in your initial application to ESHYFT. To change your direct deposit information please do so on the Fingercheck mobile app or contact to help you get access to your Fingercheck account. The work week started on Sunday at 12am and ends on Saturday at 11:59pm. Friday is pay day for the work week prior. For any other questions regarding your pay, please contact us at 

Yes, nurses can receive overtime with ESHYFT. Any hours that you work above 40 hours in a work week, will be calculated at an overtime rate. The work week starts on Sunday at 12am and ends on Saturday at 11:59pm. Friday is pay day for the work week prior. For any other questions regarding your pay, please contact us at

ESHYFT offers health benefits to eligible ESHYFT nurses. To find out if you are eligible please contact

FAQs for Facility Managers

We’re happy you asked! Our solution was developed specifically for the Facility Manager. We know that adequate staffing is key to your facility running smoothly. We also know that it’s not easy keeping it properly staffed, so we made it easy to post your shifts (it takes seconds, seriously), approve applicants and time cards.

We’re proud to have vetted CNAs, LPNs, and RNs on our platform.

That’s a great question! The hourly rates for shifts are set by you – the facility manager! You can indicate and update the hourly rate for every shift you post to ESHYFT. Your facility will be charged some fees on top of the hourly rate, see ‘Shift Calculator’ in settings.

We are currently available in PA, TN, IL, MD, MI, AZ, IN, GA, VT, VA, AL, & WI. We are growing fast so stay tuned for our next steps.

Our technology has mutiple reminders and safegaurds in place to ensure that doesn’t happen. But if you do have the unfortunate experience of an ESHYFT emplyeee not showing up for a shift, please notify us so we can take the appropriate actions.