PayOnDemand Launches for Same Day Pay Nurses on Thursday

What is the difference between Same Day Pay and PayOnDemand?

Same Day Pay is something ESHYFT offered only to former Towne agency nurses, following the merger between Towne and ESHYFT at the beginning of 2023. Now, Same Day Pay is being discontinued on Thursday, September 28, as we launch PayOnDemand for those former Towne nurses. 

PayOnDemand is a highly requested feature that will allow nurses early access to earned wages! Starting Thursday, September 28, the former Towne nurses will be able to access their earnings through PayOnDemand

The big differences between these two are:

  • Same Day Pay was only accessible to former Towne agency nurses who had a juice card. PayOnDemand will be available to all nurses once it is fully launched.
  • PayOnDemand has fund limits, while Same Day Pay did not.

Where can I learn more about PayOnDemand?

Detailed instructions on how to request funds using PayOnDemand and how to qualify for PayOnDemand are already available in Intercom and Coda.

If you have any feedback or questions about PayOnDemand, please email