ESHYFT and Fingercheck Join Forces to Disrupt The Traditional Payroll Cycle and Empower Nurses With Earned Wage Access

Brooklyn, NY, October 17, 2023 –– ESHYFT, a technology that connects nursing professionals to shifts at long-term care facilities, and Fingercheck, an award-winning Payroll & HR platform for small businesses, have come together on a shared mission to give employees more control over their payday. PayOnDemand, powered by Fingercheck, provides ESHYFT nurses with the flexibility and convenience to access their earned wages outside their regular weekly pay cycle – simply through the Fingercheck app.

Over 60% of U.S. workers rely on biweekly or semi-monthly paychecks; shockingly, 63% of Americans, including those earning six figures, live paycheck to paycheck. While earned wage access isn’t a solution for all financial challenges, it empowers employees and businesses to exert greater control over their financial well-being. 

“We believe in empowering our nurses and addressing their needs beyond traditional pay cycles.” said David Greisman, President and Co-Founder. PayOnDemand is our most requested feature – through our partnership with Fingercheck, our nurses have more control and greater financial flexibility. It’s about giving them the freedom to access their hard-earned wages whenever they need it.”

The best part is that nurses using this new solution have options: they can have their funds available in their bank account by the next business day, or for even faster access, they can request a Fingercheck PayCard and get their funds within 25 minutes.

With earned wage access, employees can proactively reduce debt, avoid costly payday loans, and avoid unexpected bank fees or overdraft charges. For businesses, providing this benefit can alleviate employee financial anxiety, lead to improved retention, higher engagement, and enhanced talent acquisition. ESHYFT, specifically looks forward to enticing nurses to return to the industry. 

“At Fingercheck, our mission is to provide businesses with innovative and reliable payroll & HR solutions that simplify their operations, empower their people, and drive success,” said Tiffany Haynes, COO at Fingercheck. “By powering earned wage access for ESHYFT, we are not only advancing our mission but changing how businesses traditionally think of payday, so employees everywhere can have the flexibility to steer their own financial success.”  

What ESHYFT nurses are already saying about PayOnDemand:

“I absolutely love PayOnDemand! I like the fact that I can request my pay early if necessary. It’s extremely easy to follow the step-by-step directions to request next day pay!” – Vanessa Thompson, Michigan CNA

“I love PayOnDemand! It is a great option. I am so happy ESHYFT has implemented this new feature. PayOnDemand is very easy to utilize and works exactly as described. I hope others will enjoy feature as much as I do.” – Regina Smith, Maryland LPN


ESHYFT is a technology connecting nurses to shifts at long-term care facilities. In 25+ states, vetted CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, use ESHYFT’s top-rated nurse app to pick up shifts. To facilities, ESHYFT is providing a staffing solution, and for nurses, it’s empowering them to choose when and where they work. Together, with facilities and nurses, ESHYFT is closing the gap on staffing shortages and providing care for those most vulnerable.

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At Fingercheck, we’re about making life easier for small business owners. We know payroll and HR can be a total headache, so we created a platform that simplifies everything. You can say goodbye to the stress and time-consuming tasks of payroll and HR management, including taxes and compliance – we’ve got you covered!  

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